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12:00pm : European state funds panel

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What government initiatives are currently accessible in Europe, and what is new with Eurimages and the Media fund? The role of film agencies worldwide – the interests they represent, the activities they support, the criteria for selection and their relationship with the industry sector. MODERATED BY Jonathan Olsberg – Olsberg • SPI INVITED SPEAKERS Aviva Silver – Media Programme Roberto Continue Reading...

2:00pm : Digital distribution panel

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Digital Distribution: Revolution or Evolution? The Distribution model is changing. Advances in the digital sphere have drastically impacted the film industry’s classic models and the way audiences see films today. How are we reacting to these changes and what are the stakes for the future? MODERATED BY Michael Gubbins – Founder of SampoMedia and Chair of the Film Agency for Continue Reading...

3:00pm : Middle East panel

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What were the stunning moves in the Middle East cinema industry in 2013? What are the biggest challenges in making a successful Arab film and what are the tools currently available for filmmakers? MODERATED BY E. Nina Rothe – Huffington Post INVITED SPEAKERS George David – Royal Film Commission of Jordan and AFCI Shivani Pandya – Dubai International Film Festival Continue Reading...
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