André Lange

Dr. André Lange is the Head of Department “Information on markets and Financing” at the. European Audiovisual Observatory (Council of Europe, Strasbourg).

Prior to joining the Observatory in 1993 as part of the initial team, had a distinguished international career as a researcher, specialising in socio-economic aspects of the European media sector.

Worked as university lecturer and researcher at the University of Liège, the European Institute for the Media in Manchester, the University of Paris-Dauphine and the Free University of Brussels, and held a lecturer traineeship (1988-89) with the Directorate of Human Rights at the Council of Europe.

Headed the Audiovisual and Cultural Industries Department of the French research institute IDATE (1989-1993) before joining the European Audiovisual Observatory.

Has published a large number of books, studies and scientific papers for international bodies, national ministries, professional organisations and research institutes.

Formerly was lecturer on the History of television at the Free University of Brussels.

Doctorate in Communications Studies from the University of Liège (1986).

Member of the ORBICOM network and the scientific committee of the journal Communications et stratégies (France) and in 2003 member of the Jury of the Kraszna Krausz Awards for Best Books on Moving Picture.

Member of the Académie André Delvaux and of the European Film Academy.

His book, The Future of the European Audiovisual Industry (1988), received the Emile Bernheim Prize for European Integration.

Editor of the website “History of television”

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