2:00pm : Digital distribution panel

Digital Distribution: Revolution or Evolution? The Distribution model is changing. Advances in the digital sphere have drastically impacted the film industry’s classic models and the way audiences see films today. How are we reacting to these changes and what are the stakes for the future?

Key discussion points include:

To what extent will VOD platforms become major funders of film production, and how will that change the economics of film?

Which of the many models of VOD is likely to emerge as the market leader, or can European demand keep a healthy mixed economy?

Is the European VOD market already overcrowded?

Will the increasing importance of film to the economics of film lead to the end of the current release windows between cinema and home entertainment?

Is VOD an opportunity or a major threat to independent production and the diversity of film in Europe?

Will the global nature of the Internet, on which the economics of VOD are based, bring an end to territorial film sales, that are so essential to the existing business model and markets, such as Cannes?

What are the next big innovations that will drive on the VOD market (e.g. Smart TV, the spread of tablet computing, the Cloud)?

The future of VOD…Will mergers, acquisitions and market failures lead to the domination of the VOD market by a small number of major players, mirroring the experience of music?

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